Photo of Emily Ocampo, Owner , Production Manager | Fully Promoted Escondido

EMILY OCAMPO - Owner, Production Manager

Emily began working as a registered ICU nurse, then transitioned to a successful career as a muralist. Her talents and businesses include custom murals for high-end clients, dress maker and drapery seamstress, embroidery and promotional product authority. She has an expert understanding of proportion, colors, fabrics, and the embellishment processes.

Attention to detail comes second nature to her. Naturally creative and always on the lookout for innovative ways to promote her client’s brands, she instills a sense of confidence to everyone involved in the project. She is the reason for Fully Promoted Escondido’s large repeat business.

It takes only one meeting with Emily to know you are in good hands and will get the very best from her and the team she oversees.

JOE OCAMPO - Owner, Marketing Consultant

A veteran and trained electronics and material science engineer, Joe has held a number of positions in Research and Development, business to business marketing and executive management. His experience and natural inquisitiveness about ‘how things work’ makes his partnership with Emily a perfect match.

Joe’s background allows him to keep both the shop's equipment and the business itself running smoothly.

When speaking with clients, Joe’s questions regarding what they are trying to achieve, who is going to receive the product and what the delivery timeline is afford the rest of the team a much better understanding of the scope of the project and how to best undertake it. Eager to share his thoughts, clients often walk away with a number of new ideas - which they hadn’t considered before - that ultimately help grow their business exposure.  

Photo of Joe Ocampo, Owner, Marketing Consultant | Fully Promoted Escondido
Photo of Rosario - Fully Promoted Escondido
Photo of Haley - Fully Promoted Escondido
Photo of Beatriz - Fully Promoted Escondido


Rosario joined Fully Promoted in March 2021.

She specializes in heat transfers, embroidery, and quality control, and brings careful examination and inspection to every piece that leaves the shop.


Haley joined Fully Promoted in July 2020.

She specializes in embroidery and has a wide-ranging set of graphic arts skills as well, which she applies to her work every day.

She graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Communications.


Beatriz recently joined Fully Promoted in October 2021.

She specializes in heat transfers and production support and wears many hats to keep things running smoothly at the shop.