I have never purchased promotional items before, how do I get the process started?
The first thing we will do is to set up a phone or Zoom call with you to get a clear understanding of what your ultimate aspirations are and what you are looking to accomplish with your promotion. We will discuss such things as:

  • What types of items are you considering?
  • Is this for a special event?
  • Who are the recipients and what type of impression are you trying to create?
  • Can you send us an image of your logo?

Once we understand your objectives, budget and quantities, we can properly guide you and make creative suggestions that are best suited for achieving your goals. Once we all agree on a plan of action, the process moves quickly.

How long does your process take?
The turnaround time is usually about 2-3 weeks – sometimes it is a bit faster and sometimes it may take a little longer, depending on the type and number of product(s) and the complexity of the design. It also depends on how quickly you respond to our approval requests and the number of revisions or changes required to get your embellishment just right. If we understand your ‘in-hands’ date, we can create a production schedule around that date to deliver on time.

Will I receive a sample before I make an order?
Yes, we can provide product samples, however, it depends on the type of promotional product you are interested in. For embroidery, screen printing or heat transfers, we provide virtual or physical samples after the order has been placed. The ‘proof approval process’ ensures you get exactly what you want before we embellish the garments or promotional items.

How do I know what sizes to order for garments?
We provide size charts for garments upon request. When needed we will deliver a range of sizes for you and your employees to try on. We will not charge you for these samples as long as they are returned in good condition. The samples can be used to fulfill the order as well.

Can I bring in my own items?
Yes, you can. We have a minimum of $100 for any particular order.

What is the smallest order you will take?
As mentioned above, we have a minimum of $100 for any particular order. Our business is focused on volume production. We can recommend other shops that can better process small orders.

What types of embellishment processes do you offer?
We cover most of what is available in the industry. We will recommend options based on the products you are considering, including the best or most economical process to use.

  • Embroidery – most commonly used on polos, jackets, caps, blankets and garment bags. If you want a high quality and professional look, embroidery is your best bet.
  • Screen printing – most often used on t-shirts and in larger volumes. This is good for logos that will be used again and again. We can process up to 6 colors, and for more than 6 colors we use a group of trusted screen printing companies.  
  • Heat transfers – good for team uniforms where the names and numbers change with each set of garments.
  • Pad printing, laser engraving, sand blasting – we provide thousands of promotional products that use these types of processes to embellish a logo on them. The embellishment is done by the suppliers that we order these products from.

Do the garments come with washing instructions?
Yes. Today’s fabrics usually wash well in warm or cold water. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of detergents will clean the garments in just cold water. It is recommended to dry them on warm or permanent-press temperature cycles. All embellishment processes will look like new for a longer period of time when the garment is washed inside out.

Do you guarantee your work?

Can you design a logo for us?
Yes, if you do not already have a logo, we may be able to design one for you at an additional charge. We encourage our clients to share their ideas so we can focus our development efforts and successfully create the final image you have in mind.

We will ensure your logo is properly displayed and help you select the products and embellishment processes that will best create the impact you are looking for, in your ad campaign and with your clients and employees who receive the items.

Can you guide us as to which garments and items would create the greatest impact?
Yes. We have a large selection of garments and promotional products that are well suited to promote your brand. We know all the brands (and their prices) and can easily show you the choices available.

We create customized presentations of products centered around a specific event or objective of your promotion. This way you can make your choice based on your specific requirements.

If you need more time to decide which promotional products you would like to choose, we can provide you with product catalogs to help you see the full range of options available to you.

Lastly, we will bring in samples once we have a clear and common understanding of your needs.

Do you have a question that’s not answered above? Give us a call at (760) 294-4996.