Branded Promotional Items for Your Corporate Event Made Easy in San Diego County

June 22, 2022

As a business owner, you understand the importance of marketing your company in a way that will create awareness and leave an impression. But sometimes, knowing where to start or what marketing strategy will be most effective for your unique business can be challenging.

One option that is often overlooked is branded promotional items. Promotional products are an excellent way to get your company's name and logo out there while providing a useful branded item to potential customers or employees.

Business Promo Products for Company Events

If you are planning a corporate event in San Diego County, branded promotional items make your event more memorable and ensure that your company's name is on everyone's mind.

Photo of people in a conference room watching a business presentation

Many modern businesses find stuffy break-room get-togethers no longer satisfying when it comes to employee events. For that reason, companies organize many distinct types of employee events.

Some are social, while others are educational, motivational, or celebratory. In addition to these types of events, businesses can also host charitable events. Corporations hold such events to show appreciation for their employees, promote teamwork, and demonstrate their commitment to being good corporate citizens. 

Secondary to fostering collaboration among all stakeholders, corporate events can help companies promote their brand with customized promo items for giveaways, take-home corporate swag, personalized awards, and prizes.

Popular Business Promo Items & Where to Use Them

Fully Promoted Escondido has all the latest ideas for custom-printed promotional items that will help your event succeed. Let's look at some of the most popular types of corporate events along with Fully Promoted's most popular items that complement them.

Corporate Seminars and Conferences

Many businesses hold conferences, seminars, and other events to inform their audiences about company developments and improve interdepartmental relationships. These events are an excellent way to foster networking among company employees and potential customers. Since seminars typically involve corporate updates and executives, branded corporate gifts for employees tend to be geared toward office productivity and utility. Some of the more desired customizable promo items for corporate seminars and conferences include:

iPhone on a wireless charging pad
Wireless Charging Pad

1.     Custom Printed Ball Point Pens – Pad-printed or laser engraved pens add a sophisticated touch to your seminar while being useful to the participants during the event.

2.    Wireless Charging Pads – Emblazoned with your company's branding, these sought-after mobile accessories provide attendees with the latest technology.

3.    USB Drives – Always helpful and appropriate for electronic documents and files and can be loaded with conference materials.

Employee Workshops for Training and Skill Building

Businesses hold workshops to train people in a specific skill or software. While seminars are often more formal and theoretical, workshops are more interactive. Workshops are also more suitable for teaching skills requiring individual participation or interaction.

These events benefit companies that want to improve teamwork and motivate employees. Your company can make your next workshop successful and fun for attendees using the employee incentive items listed below.

Photo of a webcam

1.     Webcams – Your company's logo can be printed on a 1080P plug-and-play USB web camera with a microphone compatible with multiple operating systems and is a perfect workshop that also involves online collaboration.

2.    Earbuds – One of the most popular items for workshop attendees, customized earbuds add a unique touch to any corporate swag bag.

3.    Blankets – Quality fleece blankets with embellishments are helpful, fun, and always welcome as gifts of any kind.

Employee Incentive Programs – Awards and Recognition

Employee motivation is key to any company's success, so it's essential to consider the best way to motivate your workers. Employee recognition events are a proven way to improve your company's productivity, sales numbers, and overall employee satisfaction. Employees respond well to awards and recognition efforts, and these programs can encourage them to reach their personal goals. The most popular corporate award items are:

Two people shaking hands

1.     Crystal, Glass, and Acrylic Awards – Embellished with the corporate logo and employee information, these trophies are a beautiful way to show appreciation for employee contributions.

2.    Laser Etched Plaques – A perennial favorite among corporate awards that always attract the recipient's attention.

3.    Certificate and Award Folders – With your company's branding, these elegant items provide a beautiful surround to any document.

Product Launch Events

Product launch events are corporate events that businesses have organized to promote new products. These events are often themed around a specific product or industry and provide a company with an excellent opportunity to market its new product and attract the public's attention. They also allow companies to introduce their new product to shareholders and the media. Some companies hold a massive product launch event to make a splash with consumers. Such launches offer a considerable opportunity for branded merchandise giveaways with fabulous promotional ideas like the below.

1.     Gift Bags – You can promote your business or new products by customizing most types of bags, such as computer bags, tote bags, and travel bags. Besides, bags give you a place to put all the other promotional items in your giveaway.

2.    Sunglasses – Increase your brand visibility by printing a logo on a pair of sunglasses in many different styles and colors.

3.    Bottle Openers – Customizable bottle openers with or without magnets are one of the handiest items available to giveaway.

Corporate Charity Events and Sports Tournaments

Many companies host charity events and sports tournaments to give back to the community. These events are a beautiful way for businesses to come together and have some fun while helping those in need. These corporate fundraising events include corporate golf tournaments and fun runs. A successful charity event or sports tournament will consist of promotional items such as:

People walking in a parade

1.    Towels – Are available in all sizes, from fitness towels to beach towels, and are well received at golf tournaments and other charity events.

2.    T-Shirts – Shirts can be printed using a variety of processes and are the best way to promote your mission, logo, and message.

3.    Water Bottles – Every sporting event involving intense activity requires water. Get your company and event front and center with specially branded water bottles.

When a company is seeking innovative promotional items, Fully Promoted is here to help them bring a company's brand vision to life. We offer a wide range of products that may be custom designed with the colors, name, or logo of any business or organization, regardless of how big or little it is. We'll work with your company to pick the best items to show off your brand.

Contact Fully Promoted Escondido today to discuss how our custom-printed corporate promotional items help your workplace event be a success.

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