A Fully Promoted Guide to 15 Unique Trade Show Giveaways for Your Next San Diego Conference or Corporate Exhibition

August 4, 2022

Trade show giveaways can help you get more traffic to your booth, increase brand awareness, and establish connections. While trade show marketing involves sales preparation and social media activity, the giveaways often determine how well your event goes.

People remember companies they receive gifts from at trade shows and conferences. That's why investing in trade show giveaways is so essential.

To make your trade show promotions stand out and be a valuable product for your clients, try to consider the items they'll use.

A recent survey revealed that 69% of people would pick up a branded product if they could see themselves using it. This high number of users means that if your promo giveaways meet your clients' needs and are thoughtful, they'll likely stick around for future business opportunities.

At Fully Promoted Escondido, we offer a wide variety of branded trade show giveaways that appeal to visitors of all ages. Our selection includes everything from custom T-shirts and hats to USB drives and water bottles, so you'll have no problem finding the perfect promotional items for your corporate message.

Plus, we can personalize any of our products with your company's logo or slogan, ensuring the prominent display of your branding at any San Diego area trade show.

Photo of people walking around a convention center

Below is a list of 15 popular custom branded promotional products for your trade show swag.

1. T-shirts: Branded T-shirts are an exceptional choice for giveaways that get your brand in front of potential customers and show off your company's style simultaneously. And best of all, they're something people can use and enjoy wearing.

2. USB drives: Customized USB drives are a trendy and practical item for repeat use. They're perfect for storing important files, music, photos, and more. Because so many people use these tech storage accessories, USBs will surely keep your company on everyone's mind.

Photo of a red reusable water bottle
Reusable Water Bottle

3. Reusable water bottles: With the rising concern over plastic waste and its environmental impact, reusable water bottles make an excellent choice for eco-friendly trade show giveaways. They're also convenient for repeat use, making them a terrific way to promote your brand.

4. Tote bags: Personalized tote bags emblazoned with a company logo are perfect for carrying around all the freebies, and promotional materials visitors will pick up at the trade show. They're also helpful after the event and have been a perennial event favorite for attendees.

5. Notebooks: Custom notebooks are essential for many people, whether taking notes in meetings or jotting down ideas on the go. Customized notebooks not only get your brand name and logo out there, but they're also helpful for taking notes during the event.

6. Power banks: Power banks are a must-have item for anyone who uses mobile phones, tablets, and any other tech that needs a charge.

Businesses can directly add their logos or slogans to these devices for promotional giveaways at events.  

7. Mugs: For the best in branded giveaways, one of the most popular is customized mugs. They're perfect for promoting a company or product and well-used. Plus, they come in various colors and styles, so there's sure to be one that perfectly matches your brand.

8. Ballpoint Pens: Ballpoint pens imprinted with a company logo are one of the most used promotional items and make excellent corporate gifts. They're practical, inexpensive, and readily customized.

9. Hats: Customized hats and caps are other items to get your brand name and logo on everyone's mind. Hats are practical and can be used to promote your company at outdoor events or given away as trade show freebies.

10. Tumblers: Customized tumblers make fantastic promotional products and gifts. They're perfect for carrying around hot or cold drinks. Companies can add their logo or slogan with many different colors to styles to tumblers.

Photo of a black notepad portfolio
Notepad Portfolio

11. Notepad Portfolios: Notepad portfolios are handy for jotting down notes or storing essential papers. They make great promotional products for name or logo personalization.  

12. Customized stickers: Customized stickers are a fun twist on branded promo items. They're perfect for sticking on laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more. Stickers come in many sizes, shapes, and colors and allow for printing memes, slogans, and drawings.

13. Lanyards: Event lanyards are good items to keep IDs, keys, and other things safe and easily accessible. Printed lanyards with a company logo or participant name are popular for trade show entry badges.

14. Magnets: Customized magnets are a memorable way to promote your brand. They're perfect for sticking on fridges, filing cabinets, and other metal surfaces. Magnets come in many shapes and sizes and can be customized with logos or photos.

15. Keychains: Customized keychains are a practical way to promote your brand. They're perfect for keeping keys organized and can be used both for the office and home. Keychains come in several styles, including key tags, fobs, and chains.

When choosing promotional items for a trade show, selecting products that appeal to a wide range of people is crucial. T-shirts and hats are always popular giveaways, as all attendees can wear them. Custom USB drives are also intelligent, as they are valuable items many people need. And finally, attendees always appreciate water bottles, especially in hot climates.

Before your next trade show, exhibition, or conference, consider investing in some branded trade show giveaways from Fully Promoted Escondido.These promotional items are a fantastic idea to get your company's name and logo in front of potential customers. They can also help create a positive impression of your brand.

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